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In the past, I've often asked questions about "basketball coaching license": Should I take a coaching license? Is that expensive? What does it cost? Today, there are all the important answers to the questions.

What motivation do I have to become a basketball coach?

All in all, there is no reason why you should become a basketball coach. What is your subjective feeling? Would you like to do more in basketball in the future? Do you feel like sharing your knowledge with younger players or working with children in general? Would you like to personally develop yourself and experience what it's like to lead a team and make it better and better from training to training? Or perhaps you would like to pass on to children and adolescents what you have learned from your trainer who has influenced you in particular?

If these arguments apply to you, then you should definitely become a basketball coach. They are needed because basketball coaches are (almost) always and (almost) everywhere wanted. By the way: Many clubs pay the costs for trainers' licenses. Here you should actively approach the club and negotiate. In addition, there is of course a financial incentive that you should not underestimate. Because if you like doing something, then every euro is like a gift. For that reason, by the way, I also studied sports and so financed my studies.

An interesting study by Mrazek / Rittner in 1991 showed that interviewed trainers and instructors are just as satisfied with their job as with their part-time job in a basketball club. Thus, this refutes the assumption that coaches see their work only as compensation for personal and professional dissatisfaction.

How do I become a basketball coach?

In every region of Germany there are possibilities in the respective association of the German Basketball Federation e. V. (eg West German Basketball Association eV, Lower Saxony Basketball Association eV, etc.) to obtain a basketball license. A purchased license is valid in all national associations. In basketball there are 4 license levels. Starting with the D license level, you will have to complete 60 lessons, 45 minutes each, attend the training and pass three exams:

1. Theoretical examination

2nd lesson

3rd demonstration test

The scope for the up-building licenses is similar but varies in part from one federation to another. Occasionally, the associations offer compact courses that can be completed within a few weeks. The objectives of the lowest license level are the ability to build, train and mentor mini and beginner teams. The contents that are conveyed are:

- Basic technology

- Vortacious

- Theory for working with minis.

The minimum age for participation in the coaching license is 15 years. The cost is about 60 euros, depending on the association and provider prices may vary. To this a current information of the basketball academy of the German basketball federation.

What skills should a basketball coach bring?

The study by Mrazek and Rittner (1991), already mentioned above, found that trainers and instructors look back almost 75% on a very extensive practical exercise, which is strongly characterized by their own competitive sports experience. Today, that will be similar, even if there are no current figures available. Practical experience is therefore advantageous, but not an absolute must. A good player does not have to be a good coach yet. Conversely, there are also many coaches who have not played intensively themselves. Through dedication, thirst for knowledge and the passion for sport, you can take many steps forward. You learn the necessary craft at the coaching courses.

In addition to the technical knowledge of course, social skills for a coach is enormously important. The trainer is responsible for keeping the entire construct together, motivating the team, and responding to individual players' problems or dissatisfaction. While you may not have completed psychology education, you should be able to gain respect and steer the boat in the direction you feel right. One can proceed differently: In psychology (according to Kurt Lewin) one differentiates between 3 leadership styles:

- Authoritarian leadership style

- Democratic leadership style

- Laissez-faire leadership style

How you do this depends mainly on your character. I prefer the laissez-faire style of leadership, but also clearly show limits. Even more important than the leadership style is that you follow a clear line and players are not fooling around, feeling disadvantaged over other players and creating a bad atmosphere in the team.

In addition to the professional and social skills of a coach, a certain amount of organizational talent is essential, because outings are scheduled regularly, there is regular correspondence with the district, and in general, good organization can increase the player's respect for the coach.

As you can see, a coach is an all-rounder. So you may also have weaknesses. The most important thing is that you enjoy the whole thing.

Ramy Azrak

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