Bodyweight Training - Fitness can be so easy

No time, no money, no equipment - the list of excuses why people do not do sports can be continued at will. Hardly a fitness-muffle is embarrassed by an excuse, so fitness can be so easy. Sports clothes are everything you need.

Fitness does not need a studio, equipment or money. Only the will to change is necessary to form your own body. The body weight is used as training resistance. So you can train anytime, anywhere. And for free.

Trendsport Bodyweight Training

Movement must be easy for a concept to work. Spatial, temporal or financial arguments should not play a role. And that's exactly what they do not do in bodyweight training. Our body becomes his own gym.

For that you basically need only 3 basic exercises for the chest, back and legs. With pull ups, pushups and squats, you can easily work your whole body. In the long term that might sound monotonous, but you can spice up the basic exercises with variations.

Exercise always and everywhere

The best thing about bodyweight training: It costs a cent and you can train anywhere, whether on the beach, in the park, at home, on the road, on vacation on a business trip or on weekends. So put an end to the excuses and put on your sports shoes.

As your muscles get used to constant exercise over time, you should vary the exercises regularly. Since the training resistance, so your body weight, can not be increased as a dumbbell, you have to turn on other screws.

For example, to make the workout more challenging, you can change the movement speed or amplitude and increase the number of reps. It is also possible to train on wobbly surfaces, perform exercises in a one-legged or one-armed manner, or perform static work. Strong makes what surprises the body. Therefore, your ingenuity knows no bounds.

Effective training should always take the whole body into account. Pull ups, push-ups and squats combine pull, pressure and leg exercises that take into account all the major muscle groups in the body. This also increases energy consumption. Because the more muscles work, the higher the calorie requirement.

Exploit the opponent principle

In bodyweight training, you can do these exercises as pure strength training, use it as a functional training or integrate it into a running workout in the fresh air. This raises the energy requirement even further and at the same time trains the cardiovascular system.

The exercises can be trained in series one after the other or combined with each other so that you change the loaded muscle groups. Pull-ups and push-ups can be done, for example, alternately: the back exercise first trains one muscle group and the subsequent push-ups activate the chest. While the agonist works, the antagonist has pause and vice versa. This saves a lot of time and acts like a Stoffwechselwechselurbo.

Supersets are another way to increase intensity and energy consumption. Doing 2 or 3 exercises for the same muscle group in a row: First lunges, then squats for the legs or pushups and then dips for the arms are examples of supersets.

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