Can I do sports with a knee brace?

Skiers, squash and basketball players, runners and many other athletes often wear knee braces during training and competition. Sometimes these are worn after injury or surgery to limit the movements of the knee or perform more controlled movements, thus protecting the knee from further damage.

Why knee orthosis during sports?

The purpose of a sports knee brace is to relieve the knee joint, but at the same time to give stability to an unstable knee.

When do I need a knee brace?

Knee orthoses are used after acute injuries, but also preventively as preventive measures against injuries during sport and training.

May I walk with a knee brace?

Many athletes with knee problems report that they walk more smoothly and safely with an orthosis.

So far, however, it is unclear to what extent sports knee braces affect the performance. Can it be that athletes through them slow down significantly, because they restrict the movements of the knee and control?

Unfortunately, not many studies have been done on the effects of sports knee braces. A study has found that running speed can be significantly increased when the quadriceps muscle is supported by a sports knee brace with the weaker muscles. Another study of injured athletes found that wearing a sports knee brace did not affect performance as long as the quadriceps muscles of both legs were about equally strong.

Does it prevent me from doing a knee orthosis while doing sports?

However, some studies have shown that athletes wearing sports knee braces perform worse under heavy exertion. Further studies found a connection between knee orthoses and elevated lactate levels during exercise.

This indicates that orthoses affect blood flow to the leg muscles. Another study found that heart rate and oxygen consumption increase when athletes wear orthotics when running in a treadmill. This indicates that knee energy actually increases energy expenditure during exercise.

What alternatives are there to knee braces?

If you feel uncomfortable or severely restricted by the knee brace, you could alternatively use a knee bandage or a tape bandage.

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