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Is it allowed to do sports with antibiotics?

Anyone who is ill and takes antibiotics, should rather abstain from sports. This is also the case if you feel good by taking the medication.

Antibiotics and sports are not compatible

Basically, the recommendation applies: While taking antibiotics you should rather abstain from sports altogether. After all, there is also a reason why your doctor has ordered you to take medication.

For antibiotics is prohibited sports

Antibiotics are used to kill harmful bacteria that your immune system can not handle. The drugs also fight symbiotic bacteria in the intestinal flora, which additionally weakens your immune system. It's the same with sports. If you exercise intensively despite taking antibiotics, there is a risk of delaying an infection.

Therefore, it is better if you are patient while exercising with antibiotics. Even if you do not feel sick anymore. When in doubt, you should always ask the attending physician if you are allowed to move at least lightly.

The right nutrients for illness

You want to do sports, but do you regularly throw off infections? The reason is often zinc deficiency. Despite a fundamentally healthy diet, it can quickly lead to such a shortage, since zinc is contained in most foods only in very small quantities. The solution here is a dietary supplement.

An additional intake of zinc strengthens your immune system and you are spared from annoying infections. We recommend the online retailer Vitafy. It offers a high-quality zinc supplement with an unbeatable price-performance ratio in its extensive range of nutritional supplements. So strengthen your immune system and do not need to take any annoying sports breaks!

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Slowly start exercising after taking antibiotics

That puts you on the safe side. Once you stop taking the medication, you can start training slowly. In the initial phase, however, you should still train only with the handbrake on, until your body has recovered from the infection and the stress of the antibiotics.

As a supportive measure, you can eat yoghurt daily after discontinuing the medication, so that symbiotic bacteria quickly settle in your intestine. It also helps to rebuild your immune system. In addition, the intake of protein is recommended because your immune system consists largely of protein. In case of protein deficiency or after intensive sports units the immune defense can suffer.

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So, as your sports units weaken your immune system, you should also be very careful, if not at all, to exercise in conditions that do not require the use of antibiotics, so as not to exacerbate the condition unnecessarily and delay it - and so on. U. threatens a heart infection.

Author: Jörg Birkel

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