The AMRAP principle of CrossFit legend Jason Khalipa

Jason Khalipa: Successful athlete, businessman and happy family man! Until he gets caught by fate. But giving up is not an option! The AMRAP principle helps to persevere, and ultimately - even in the most adverse circumstances - get the most out of itself. In all areas of life. Whether in everyday life, at work or in the gym.

What does AMRAP mean?

The AMRAP Principle: As Many Reps As Possible

AMRAP is a common abbreviation in the fitness industry. It stands for As Many Rep (etitions) s As Possible, so repeat »exercise as often as possible«.

In short, it's a form of circuit training where the stopwatch tells you how long you're training, but you decide how intense you are. AMRAP is a work-out method that delivers maximum results in a minimum amount of time.


Short example: pushups on the floor, one minute - AMRAP, one minute. Can you make more than 40, congratulations from me. I've been fighting the clock for my workouts for more than a decade, and the goal of getting as much out of a minute as possible has become the foundation of the AMRAP principle. Basically, it's about achieving your own goals - big or small - through concentration, determination and work.

Whether at the gym, at home, or at work, the AMRAP principle is a system that coordinates your thoughts, feelings, and actions to work toward your goal in the best possible and most effective way.

AMRAP coming soon, explained by Jason Khalipa

"The AMRAP principle is a highly effective way of thinking that consists of five basic building blocks. It's the tool I use on a daily basis to achieve my big and small goals, and an important factor in my business and sporting achievements. It was also one of the key ways my wife and I fought Ava's leukemia. I hope she makes meaningful and deep changes in your life as well. "

The AMRAP principle consists of five essential building blocks

  • Make your motivation clear
  • Concentrate on what you can change
  • Work hard
  • Change the gear in time
  • Evaluate the situation, if necessary

1. Motivation

The why, your motivation, is the basis and fuel of the AMRAP principle. Hard work and concentration are at its heart, but the why lays the foundation. This foundation, in which we set the performance targets within short periods of time and add the pressure of a countdown and competition, is a very effective method. Concentration is not only possible, but forced. It occurs automatically when you create the right conditions, and a clear motivation helps a lot. It is the deeper meaning behind everything you do. Your motivation determines what you do and keeps you on course.

It is more than just a drive and requires you to know exactly and understand who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it. It can change - but one thing remains constant: Without a strong motivation you get off the track, get distracted or pursue wrong goals.

2. Concentration

Concentrate on what you can change. In life, business and competitions, you can then classify all factors into two categories, whether you have them under control or not. If you go through them systematically, you realize that there is very little that you have in your own hands.

But these are very important factors: mindset, actions, reactions, preparation, zeal and determination, for example. Instead, if you waste your precious powers on other things you can not do anything about, things can go wrong quickly. Such thinking weakens you and gives you the grace of other people. Overall, you are definitely better off and happier as you focus on what you can change.

3. Hard work

Hard, meaningful work is the currency of the AMRAP principle. If you are not ready to get to work or are looking for shortcuts, it is not the right mindset for you.

Roll up your sleeves, let the excuses be and get in. There is no better way to succeed than really hard work. That sounds like a truism, but often you just have to stop debating and just start. Here we go!

4th gear change

Change the gear in time. Gear change means in the AMRAP principle that one lives and acts in the present moment. When you work, focus on the work. When you're at home with your family, just think about the family. When you're training, focus on training. Try to be wholehearted. Be as physically present as you are physically - concentrate on what you are doing, and when it's time for the next task, change gears and devote yourself to them just as completely. If you are somewhere else with your thoughts while doing something, the result will not be optimal.

5. Reassessment of your situation

Evaluate the situation again, if necessary. In the AMRAP principle, moments of revaluation are the turning points in your life when you mentally keep your distance from yourself and check your motivation and focus. This happens at important stages of your life, usually after major changes.

The ability to self-examine is essential and requires profound self-knowledge. Your goals and motives may change over time; that's fine. It is important that you respond to the changes in your environment and do not bite into something that is no longer right for you.

It is not for nothing that the right timing is everything. This also applies to the AMRAP principle - your motivation as a twenty-year-old can be different from the one you have at 30. Take the time to check your motivation again and again.

AMRAP: The conclusion

This way of thinking is not a gimmick. It is neither a cheap trick nor a hack or a shortcut. I do not want to fool you, with the AMRAP principle you could change your life as if by magic, while you sit back and sip a frozen margarita.

You have to work, and for this recipe to work, you have to work harder than anyone else. But you should want that anyway. If you have learned to enjoy the work, the success is even more beautiful - because you deserve it.

Who is Jason Khalipa?

Jason Khalipa is CrossFit Games World Champion and CEO and founder of NCFIT, a global fitness company dedicated to making sport effective, entertaining and accessible to everyone. He is one of the most successful athletes in the history of CrossFit Games - the world's largest showdown of Universal athletes in all disciplines. In 2008, he was named "Fittest Man on Earth" and represented the US team three times in the worldwide CrossFit Invitational.

When his daughter became ill with cancer, he developed the AMRAP principle, a sport-derived form of training that helped him to stay in control of his life, even in these difficult circumstances, and continue to be successful.

Jason Khalipa as speaker and speaker at the FT-Summit in Munich 2019 © Phil Pham

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The AMRAP principle

As Many Reps As Possible - How To Be Successful On Business, Private, And Competitive

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Like so many of us, Jason Khalipa thought that he had done a lot in life and overcome many hurdles: successful businessman, CrossFit Games World Champion and happy family man. But no hurdle was as great as the personal setback that was to follow: his daughter's leukemia disease. From that moment on, he had two options - to yield to the overwhelming despair or to fight.

Jason chose the fight. And learned more about success, perseverance, and control over one's life than he ever thought possible. In this book, he reveals his secret and uses the AMRAP principle to guide the reader through targeted exercises, personal anecdotes, and an almost infinite passion for how everyone can get the most out of themselves, even under the most adverse living conditions.

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