The Side Kick

Martial arts has a wide variety of techniques. The sideways foot thrust is one of the most powerful techniques that is performed without rotation, only with pure muscle power. Learn how to learn and train this side kick.

In this kick, the foot edge is used as an attack surface. In some cases, the heel can also be used as an attack surface. In a "side kick" is not kicked forward, but powerful aside. Therefore, no rotation from the hip is necessary. The kick itself is very easy to learn, but to perfect it, you need a lot of training. This kick can be used as an attack and defense technique z. B. be viewed in Taekwondo. In the following I describe how you can train a side kick in technique training. To do that, we have to break the kick into levels to deal with small nuances that are enormously important.

step 1

Take the right posture: stand in a lateral position to the opponent. The feet are shoulder width apart. The weight distribution is 50% on the right and 50% on the left leg. The tiptoes point to the front. Seen from above, your knees line up with your toes. In the initial position, both the calf and the thigh muscles must be relaxed. The tighter they are, the harder it is to do that kick.

Level 2

Pull the left foot to the right knee and turn it in. The force distribution on the pillar is about 70%. This position must work properly. The balance must be well maintained. To improve the balance, you can close your eyes and train the coordination in this position.

level 3

Now pull your right knee up to your chest. The weight distribution remains as before at 70% to 30%. Turn your right hip inside. By twisting the hips, the inside of the body is protected from counterattack. In addition, the kick can be done in retrospect much easier and more powerful. The toes must now be tightened so that the muscles in the foot are tense. The foot must be slightly screwed inwards.

Level 4

Now extend the leg fully so that the foot edge moves in a straight line to the imaginary goal. The leg has to slide slightly forward or be implemented. As a rule, repositioning and kicking have to happen simultaneously to make the kick faster and more powerful. Here it is very important that the hip does not let up. It must be screwed in until the end of the execution, so that the inside of the body is protected against counterattacks. It is equally important that the attacker always has his goal in mind. But you always have to look over the shoulder to the goal. The target is hit with the foot or heel.

Level 5

Just pull the leg back in the same way and ideally put it in front. Distribute the weight 50% to 50%.

More tips

Pay attention to a slow execution until you have automated the kick. The arms should prevent a counterattack. So take the cover up to protect the head and entire torso. As targets for attack one can take the solar plexus, the ribs, the chin and the knee.

Falsely, many martial artists think that this kick has to be done high. Often, high kicks have no effect and the power is simply lost. As soon as the attacker kicks up to the face of the opponent, he has less attack surface and the meeting becomes more difficult. Therefore, it is better to kick in the middle. So the effect is gigantic and it is easier to do. In addition, you save a lot of energy.

Attention, potential for error

- Before you kick, first breathe in. The moment you kick, you need to exhale fully to minimize possible counter-attack damage.

- When you extend the leg, you should always make an angle. Thus you prevent to kick in the joint. Thus you minimize possible bone damage. So never stretch your leg completely!

- Increase your flexibility. Stretch intensively before and after training. In an emergency situation, try to kick as low as you can. How to prevent strains.

- If you get injured while training, it is very important not to perform the kick until the injury has completely healed. To prevent further damage. Do not forget: damage only keeps you from training.

- To be able to perform the side kick powerfully, you must also strengthen the muscles. You should train more your abductors.

Force for the abductors

Lie on one side of your body and position the hand of the top side against your hip. You can either bend your lower arm or put it under your head. The lower leg is bent slightly to take a more stable lateral position. The leg above is completely stretched out and the toes are tightened. Now exhale slowly and lift the outstretched leg. Hold the tension at the highest point for a moment. Now lower the leg again and take a deep breath.

During the exercise, make sure that the leg is stretched out and the toe is pulled tight. If you want, you can attach a weight cuff to your ankle to increase your workout load.

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