"The best motivation in training is progress"

Training with your own body weight can be very effective and is ultimately feasible everywhere. Mark Lauren, author of the bestseller "Fit without equipment", gives tips in the interview about training, motivation and the right exercises.

trainingsworld.com: Hello Mark, can you give athletes or beginners a good hint on how to start training?

Mark Lauren: I think the beginning is always the hardest. In the beginning, it is enormously important to make progress. It's usually a completely new kind of stress, so it's usually not hard for the body to improve in certain areas. So: Find out a few exercises, like bodyweight exercises, and experiment with these exercises. Make this relatively easy for ten to fifteen minutes, three times a week - that's it. It does not have to be a high-intensity, well-structured workout. The main thing is to do something and start exercising. I often tell athletes, do not care about the workout or the quality of the workouts, just do something. Usually you feel better quickly and then train more and more

trainingsworld.com: What are the best basic exercises to get started?

Mark Lauren: Above all, the basic movement patterns are important: Squats, Core, lunges (forward, backward, sideways) and, of course, pulling and pushing in different directions. I would say you should start with a body weight squat. You should go as low as possible, to your knees. In the Lunge steps, you can easily start the lunge back and to the side. Pushups should not be missed, with raised hands if necessary, to make the exercise easier. As you get stronger, you can lower your hands deeper and deeper until they are on the ground. Later, you can even increase the level of difficulty by lowering your feet. And then come train exercises, such as "Let-m-ins" (pulling a door). So I would recommend five basic exercises Push, Pull, Squats, Core and lunges. As you get stronger, you will find harder and more strenuous variations until you finally can use extra weights for both exercises.

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trainingsworld.com: Many people start with training, lose motivation and stop after a short time. What tip can these give, how they manage to stay on the ball permanently?

Mark Lauren: The best motivation is progress. That's why many people stop exercising after a few weeks. It's easy to make progress at the beginning. It is a new burden and this automatically leads to changes. After two to three months you reach a plateau. From this point you have to work harder, for less progress. The best way to maintain progress and motivation is to have a good workout plan that alternates between intensity and quantity of exercise. There it goes more into the training theory. This is what I have also worked out in my program "Fit without equipment" in order to ensure a continuous performance. This should lead to the fact that one evolves over years.

trainingsworld.com: How important is the objective for the training.

Mark Lauren: Unbelievably important! Goals are important in all areas of life. Many people are dare something with their goals. What does the goal "I want to get fitter" mean in concrete terms? Does that mean I want to do squats with 200 kg or do I want to run the 10 km under 40 minutes? Everyone has to find out for himself what he is pursuing with training. It is best to write this down, eg. B. I want to lose so much weight, I want to do 10 push ups. So the idea is to set specific and measurable goals. Then set a deadline, write it all down and hang it on the fridge. This helps! Of course you can do that with any area of ​​life. If you go on a trip you do not say: "I drive south" but "I'm going to Vienna".

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Fit without equipment - Exercise with your own body weight

Fit without equipment - Exercise with your own body weight

For years, Mark Lauren has been physically preparing elite soldiers for their Special Operations operations. He has developed a simple and extremely efficient training concept that works without any aids and only uses one's own body weight as resistance. The exercises are also practicable in the smallest of spaces and require a minimum of time: Training 30 minutes four times a week is enough to become slim, strong and fit in record time. This fitness formula is also ideal for the modern working person, because it fits in with everyone Integrate life plan. Whether at home, in a hotel room or in the office - the training can take place anywhere. Preparation time is not necessary, because you do not need any equipment and the access to the fitness center is eliminated. With the 125 exercises in this book, everyone trains on their own level, whether beginner or professional. There are motivational and nutrition tips from the expert. You can also order the book directly here in the shop or via Amazon .

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