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A healthy breakfast - for a perfect day

"Have breakfast like a king, have lunch like an emperor, and have dinner like a beggar, " this proverb is already familiar to everyone from the time of Grandmother. And if we're honest, there's a grain (or even a sack full of grains) of truth in it. Trainingsworld author Marina Lewun shows you what to look out for when putting your breakfast together.

The basis for a day full of tasks

Let's look at your diet logically: you get up every morning with the crowing and have a day full of adventure in front of you. Well, sometimes it's just a matter of coping with the mountains of paper. To be able to master the adventurous but also the paper-heavy days with their tasks, you need energy - a lot of energy. A clever and rich breakfast must come from.

Rich sources of energy for breakfast

  • Cooked oatmeal with honey, fresh fruits or jam bites and the creation is done in 5 minutes and extremely filling.
  • Cooked semolina or spelled porridge, also with honey or whatever else you like. Also this meal is prepared in 5 minutes.
  • Eggs in their variable form are a very good source of protein for the morning: An omelet with a few grated vegetables or a fried egg is completed in 6 minutes. The Japanese love cute scrambled eggs: just mix your scrambled eggs with sugar - a wonderful alternative.
  • Fresh or dried fruit with muesli and with rice or soy milk. From the Ayurvedic point of view, it is not recommended to mix fresh fruit with cow's milk. Because this mixture creates gases in the body and it remains undigested for a long time in the stomach.

Mobile variants of a vital breakfast

  • These are classic pancakes or vegetable pancakes. These should be prepared but the evening before and rather enjoy hearty side dishes. For example, with tomatoes and granular cream cheese.
  • Or, prepare a power shake by mixing dried fruit with nuts and soy milk. Dried fruits and nuts have an incredible amount of energy to take advantage of.
  • Or how about an Apple Crumble for breakfast? But please not the cake! Cut the apples into small pieces and simmer them with a little apple juice and cinnamon. As a topping taste planed nuts, roasted coconut flakes or oatmeal.

Tip: Please remember to eat very little bread and to prefer the breakfast suggestions from above. Because this can provide the body with valuable energy and the satiety lasts for a long time.

Time for lunch - like an emperor

Our tip for your diet: With this spiral cutter low-carbohydrate foods can be prepared quickly and easily. Be sure to try!

It would be best if you take 30 or 45 minutes and do not eat in front of the computer. Go out or actively watch the computer while eating. According to Ayurveda, stress is the biggest fad. You can eat bigger, but not heavy portions. Soups, stews, meat and vegetable pans are especially good. You should refrain from heavy sauces, fried dishes and ready meals.

Avoid cravings

And in the evening you cook the best a little something and consciously take a small portion. By the way, a small dessert is allowed at all meals, because every strengthening should contain as many flavors as possible (sweet, salty, bitter and sour) so that you will not crave something later on.

If you want to do some sports for your fitness even before you work, I recommend taking a snack before the sport like fruit or juice. This is to serve to normalize the blood sugar level and not make you dizzy. But if you prefer to exercise on an empty stomach, that's fine too. After exercising, you should treat yourself to a real breakfast to start the day well.

Author: Marina Lewun

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