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Interval training and weight loss - HIT as a miracle weapon?

As sure as the fact that swimming pools and bathing lakes will be well filled in a few weeks on warm summer days, the annual flare-up of discussions is among the best weight loss training methods.

Every year, the 14-day bikini figure is promised, and the wording also seems to be repeated annually. Especially when it comes to losing weight, however, neither short-term programs make sense, nor can there be an optimal training method. People are too different in their goals, in their time frame and in particular in the sporting history. In this post we warn you against the optimal training method that can not exist per se!

Sport and exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy life. Losing weight can only be achieved if, in addition to an adapted basic diet, a sports or exercise program is integrated into a lifestyle intervention.

Fat burning is irrelevant!

For endurance athletes such as triathletes, optimized fat burning plays an important role. Over this power reserves for long-lasting competitions can be released. It gets a bit more complex during sports training with the goal of weight control. Losing weight is about consuming as much energy as possible. Whether you do this with the help of short intensive loads or long-term stress seems at first irrelevant. However, you must know that different training methods work on different levels of adaptation. Beginners, in particular, can quickly develop overload damage if the training range is too large and the training too intense. Counteracting this is the goal of a long-term training plan. The composition of the training must always be geared to the individual athlete. A training method that is "superior" to others can not exist per se.

Many different methods for losing weight!

Especially in the field of optimal weight loss are a variety of different training methods, which are touted as "optimal" or as the "best" training method. In particular, long-term and moderate burdens have been recommended for people who want to lose weight before the turn of the millennium, so it is currently high-intensity interval training that is the focus of the fitness industry. This is by no means a "novel" training method, as many a fitness guru wants to make us credible1. Instead, intense and high-intensity interval training was used by Scandinavian cross-country skiers and world-class runner Emil Zatopek as a training method back in the 1960s.

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