Carbohydrate-protein drinks

There is ample evidence that the consumption of carbohydrate-protein drinks immediately after exercise (especially after resistance training) promotes muscle tissue recovery and development. A study on this topic.

Excellent new research in the field of nutritional supplementation from scientists at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands suggests that consuming a carbohydrate-protein drink during resistance training can improve muscle gain even if subjects consume normal food on the day before exercise had taken.

The structure

The scientists performed a trial with 10 healthy male subjects. These consumed either only carbohydrates or carbohydrates with a protein hydrolyzate (a predigested form of the protein) during a 2-hour resistance training. During the day they had a normal diet.

The results

Compared to the pure carbohydrate drink, when consuming a carbohydrate-protein drink, total body protein degradation was 26% lower and protein buildup 33% higher. As a result, the total body net protein balance was negative when consuming a pure carbohydrate beverage (ie, protein was degraded overall), while the carbohydrate-protein beverage resulted in a net positive (ie, protein synthesis).


The scientists point out the implications of this study. And indeed, the consumption of a carbohydrate-protein drink boosted muscle protein synthesis even if the subjects had eaten normally during the day. If these results are confirmed by further studies, the consumption of carbohydrate-protein drinks during a sprint / strength-strength training could be a valuable help for all athletes who want to build or maintain muscle mass.

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