Magdeburg Carstens is co-coach of Heuberger

Dortmund - The Magdeburg Bundesliga coach Frank Carstens is expected to be assistant to the new handball national coach Martin Heuberger. This was announced by the German Handball Federation (DHB) after a decision by the presidium on Sunday. Due to its dual function, the duration of the contract was initially limited until after the European Championship in Serbia at the end of January 2012. According to DHB, all participants will reassemble and decide on a regulation for the future.

"I am glad that this personnel decision was approved in my opinion. Frank Carstens has convinced me both professionally in his previous coaching activities as well as character by his human qualities, "said Heuberger. Carstens has been a trainer in Magdeburg since 2010 and is also looking forward to working with Heuberger: "Our first talks have shown that we are on the same wavelength and that we also speak the same language handballing. I think it will be a great collaboration. "For the first time, Heuberger and Carstens will coach the national team at the Supercup in early November in their own country.

Even with the Handball Bundesliga (HBL) came the selection on approval. "Frank Carstens is certainly a very competent trainer who fulfills the requirement profile for this position one hundred percent. I am absolutely positive about this decision, "said HBL President Reiner Witte.

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