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Marathon - Checklist for the competition bag

On the day of the race, hectic can quickly arise. Especially if you have not packed your competition bag yet. So that we do not forget anything when packing for the next marathon, we have compiled a checklist.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress, you should pick up your competition documents on the day before the race and take a look at the route to the start and finish. It is also advisable to pack the competition bag in time. (Also read: Fascination running events)

Important information about the race can be obtained with the start documents. In addition, the starter bag usually contains the start number and safety pins for attaching the start number. In this bag you can pack your change clothes after the race and hand them over to the competition management for safekeeping.

The checklist

In any case, the following things are essential in your competition bag:

- running shoes (no new running shoes)

- Deposits (if necessary)

- sportswear: socks, T-shirt, long-sleeve, running trousers (also a long trousers for bad weather)

- wind vest / windbreaker / rain jacket (depending on the weather)

- underwear (sports bra for women)

- Running cap, visor, hat, headband

- Sweatbands

- sunglasses

- Running gloves

- start number with possibility of attachment (eg, start number band or safety pins)

- Zeitmesschip (your own or a loan chip from the organizer)

- Heart rate monitor / stopwatch

- Chest strap for the heart rate monitor

- Tape for masking the nipples

- Vaseline

- baby powder

- Isotonic drink

- Suncream

- competition catering (eg gels)

- drinking belt

- Towel

- shampoo and shower gel

- Slippers

- Change bag with clothing for after the competition

- MP3 player

Even if the weather conditions are clear and all signs point to the sun, it does not hurt to take clothes for bad weather. So you can react in the short term to a change in the weather and decide in changeable weather on site whether the longsleeve or the sleeveless running top is the better choice.

This list makes no claim to completeness, but serves as a guide when packing your own competition bag. Whether you are wearing a hat, gloves or a drinking belt, is ultimately also a question of the individual preference of the runner.

Jörg Birkel

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