NBA lockout: talks postponed without result

New York - After twelve inconclusive hours, North American basketball professional league NBA and NBPA players' union postponed talks to end the lockout on Thursday noon (local time). "We have agreed to take a break, but continue the negotiations, " said NBA Commissioner David Stern. However, the league boss did not want to give an assessment of the situation: "I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic, we just keep negotiating. Today we have not achieved a result. "

The negotiations in a hotel in Manhattan had taken place despite the expired ultimatum of the owners. The league's final offer, which said players should receive 49 to 51 percent of club revenue, had been rejected by the union. Stern had announced to change the next offer to 53 to 47 percent in favor of the owners. "One can not say that we have progressed, " said NBPA President Derek Fisher: "We will be back tomorrow."

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