"Personal training is worthwhile for anyone who wants to change!"

Personal training is just for rich people, right?

Jörg Schmitz has been working as a personal trainer for over 11 years. He is one of the most renowned and successful trainers in Bonn and the surrounding area. Jörg is a trained fitness trainer of the DSSV and licensed personal trainer of the German Sport University Cologne. He also studies business administration at Fernuni Hagen.

His clients include many celebrities from politics, business, medicine and many other areas of life in and around Bonn. " It happens that my clients know each other for years, but only by chance in the studio discover that they have the same PT."

In addition to his professional style, his good nose for innovative novelties in the fitness market distinguishes him above all else. His specialties include "training in and after pregnancy", "performance diagnostics" and "sports physiotherapy".

A good reason for us to grab him and make a small interview!

trainingsworld: Hello Jörg, nice that you have time. I'm happy to ask a real expert like you some questions. Let's start with the topic of personal training. For whom is Personal Training worthwhile and how do you feel about the future in this area?

Jörg Schmitz: Personal Training is worthwhile for anyone who wants to change. Be it that he wants to live healthier, perform better in sports or work, lose weight or just want to get fit. It starts with students and goes well beyond the retirement age. When I look at my clients, the youngest is 14 years and the oldest 88 years old, everything is in between.

Everyone has their own individual discomfort and movement profiles, which must be taken into account when planning their training. So Personal Training is by no means the cliché that has made it famous in Germany at first: Above all, that personal training is reserved exclusively for the rich and famous, with whom the personal trainer jogs a little round on the beach.

After the first lesson, you quickly get a feel for what personal training really means. Often it is a link between physical therapy and regaining full fitness. The patient is often left alone after completing physiotherapy and does not know how to return to the old strength of tennis, for example.

The personal training gets more and more the value it deserves. Many now recognize the benefits of health and fitness well before it comes to the impairment of either. In the context of prevention Personal Training has taken on an outstanding role. Economically, it is a growing market! The investment in an important "company", the health, has a great value.

trainingsworld: You discovered PowerPlate for you and your customers very early. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this type of training for you?

Jörg Schmitz: One big advantage is certainly the high efficiency and time savings that one has through PowerPlate as well as through Miha Bodytec. There are very fast targeting forms of training and correspond to our time - fast success in a short time.

But that's where the danger lies as well - faster success also causes a rapidly declining motivation, but in sports, sustainability is just as important. It does not help to do 6 weeks of sports and then fall into the old rut. Sport should be part of life as work and sleep.

trainingsworld: Au ch Miha BodyTec is one of your favorite training tools. If you had to get our readers excited in 2 sentences, what would you say?

Jörg Schmitz: Effective training with fast success and very little time! Convincing results and a completely different kind of training experience. You just feel very bad afterwards.

trainingsworld: You always have a good sense for the development and innovations of the fitness industry. What do you think will be the next "must have"?

Jörg Schmitz: "Functional training" is the defining term today and will become even more so in the future. This includes training only with your own body (weight), as well as various balance exercises, as well as varied, sometimes simple, very convincing devices, such. TRX, Kettlebells or ViPR.

It is about strengthening the body in its functions - individually adapted to the respective everyday life of the customer. But also daily requirements, such as carrying shopping bags over more than 10 m and to climb 3 floors without shortness of breath, are part of it.

trainingsworld: Another of your latest acquisitions is the spiroergometry. What is the benefit and benefit of this for your customers?

Jörg Schmitz: Until this acquisition, it was difficult to plan individually personalized endurance training with my customers. The well-known formulas are much too inaccurate, as they depend on age alone, but this does not have much explanatory power. There are customers who are 20 years older than me and would still look "old" in a marathon.

The data of the spiroergometry are absolutely reliable and correspond to medical gold standard. This allows the exact determination of the anaerobic threshold, the VO2max and the basal metabolism - broken down into protein, fat and carbohydrates. (Spirometry - benefit from the determination of respiratory gas)

trainingsworld: Speaking of clichés, can you give our readers some more tips and tricks on performance diagnostics?

Jörg Schmitz: That's why I think performance diagnostics is so important because I see a lot of fitness enthusiasts standing on the treadmill for hours without a precise plan. They walk and run and still do not get any faster or fitter - let alone if they want to lose weight. Since the training control is missing.

It is simply not enough to run the bridge round once a week. The body gets used to loads very quickly and when it has adjusted, there is no more power increase. The desired goal on the scale is then not visible and the pace is also no increase. This is very frustrating, leads to demotivation and, apart from that, the feeling of "wasting time" may arise. The body is constantly optimizing, which is a great feature - but also causes it to reduce its energy consumption as quickly as possible to be open to new demands.

In addition, I can of course prevent the overtraining with a good training control.

The basal metabolism naturally interests everyone. Who does not want to know how many calories he burns daily - be it in everyday life or during sports.

trainingsworld: Another focus of your work is the training with pregnant women and young mothers. Many athletes are very uncertain about this topic. Can you reveal the most important 3 points to watch out for?

Jörg Schmitz: The most important thing, of course, is to listen to his body. The body gives clear signals, what it tolerates and what does not. Of course, that depends on what you did before you started exercising. Athletes and especially pregnant women have an improved body sensation. In this time you should increasingly put a special attention to it.

Basically, one can say that in this time generally no new sport begins. One should refrain from sports in which there is a risk of injury mainly by falls, such as inline skating, skiing, etc. Also, jumps should be deleted from the training program.

The pulse should not exceed 140 beats on average and you should take up to 1 liter of water per hour of training. Targeted abdominal training is completely avoided and stretching is recommended only in the well-being area.

But you do not have to worry, pregnant women are not sick after all. You should just do everything with care and adapt your training to the pregnancy phases (trimesters). A good example is always Kurstrainerinnen. I know many who have given one or the other course in the ninth month. It is sometimes possible more than you might think.

Above all, sport promotes well-being during pregnancy and can reduce water retention. But it is always advisable to talk to a doctor and a midwife about it.

trainingsworld: Finally a more general question. What should an interested party pay attention to when looking for a personal trainer?

Jörg Schmitz: Basically, you should do a trial lesson with your selected personal trainer without binding yourself for several hours. In conversation and during training, you quickly realize whether the chemistry is right. If the base fits, you should continue to wonder whether you feel well and in good hands, the selected coach has understood the problem, can provide appropriate solutions and of course, whether he already has experience and expertise.

It is also very good and can be a great advantage if the personal trainer has a network such as doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and of course other personal trainers who specialize in one area or another. No personal trainer can do anything, but he should be able to mediate appropriate professionals. Basically it is like a good doctor and physiotherapist, it is rum who is good.

trainingsworld: Many thanks for the enlightening conversation and continued success and above all health!

Marcel Kremer

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