Sammer asks colleagues for the coaching certificate

Frankfurt / Main - DFB Sport Director Matthias Sammer calls on his colleagues in the Bundesliga to acquire a coaching license. "If you've made 200 Bundesliga games, you'll become sports director. I've always thought a sports director is responsible for the sporting guideline. If I have no coach education, how should it be possible that I can pretend content, evaluate and control something? "Sammer said the sports image:" It would make sense if a professional after his career the football teacher license and then sports director becomes."

For Sammer, who led Borussia Dortmund as coach 2002 to the championship, has its own resume apparently role model character. Of the nine sports directors of the Bundesliga, only Volker Finke from 1. FC Köln, Hannovers Jörg Schmadtke and Frank Arnesen from Hamburger SV have the coaching license. "I'm not saying that there are no natural talents, but it puzzles me that sports directors do not have a trainer education. Sporting director is something other than a financial manager. Sporting director has something to do with sport for me, sport is pretending, assessing, evaluating, guiding. I do not know how to do that, "Sammer said.

That Sammer sees a difference between the managers and sports directors, however, considers Michael Zorc Borussia Dortmund for "stupid things": "That's a fluent transition. I make every contract with us. Commercial understanding is an important aspect of our daily work; you do not get that on the coaching academy. "

Also Hanover sports director Schmadtke contradicts Sammer vehemently. "The equation coach training equally good sports director does not work. One can not say that Heidel (Christian Heidel, FSV Mainz 05) or Bader (Martin Bader, 1. FC Nuremberg / the Red.), Who were neither professional nor have a coaching license, do a bad job. On the contrary, "said Schmadtke.

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