"Talent alone wins no games"

Before the start of the Ice Hockey World Championships, trainingsworld conducted an interview with DEB coach Pat Cortina about his team's chances and how important team chemistry is.

trainingsworld.com: There was light and shadow in the preparation of the DEB selection for the World Cup. A 0-8 swatter against Sweden followed a 5-2 victory against the same opponent the day after. How is this fluctuation explained and how has the World Cup preparation gone so far in your view?

Pat Cortina: You always have ups and downs. Physical and mental fatigue affects your performance. We are quite satisfied with the work of the last weeks. We have laid the foundations for our work mentality. Tactically, the focus was on our defensive game with a new system that works better and better. In addition, we have evolved.

trainingsworld.com: What is important in training to form a homogeneous team from the mix of players from the NHL and DEL who have just come out of the playoffs to the team, and the rest of the DEL professionals?

Pat Cortina: We all have to get to one side. This works if the system is simple and understandable for everyone.

trainingsworld.com: At the beginning of the year, the DEB squad missed the Olympics for the first time, with a memorable 4:12 loss to Norway at last year's World Cup. What can be done to avoid these setbacks in the future - among others in the mental area as well?

Pat Cortina: We must focus on making the so-called "hard fighting" an important part of our identity. We must not think that talent wins hockey games.

trainingsworld.com: German ice hockey is still ranked behind the big nations in international ice hockey. Why is this and where is the DEB selection currently in international comparison?

Pat Cortina: The reason is simple: In our latitudes ice hockey is not the number one sport. We are currently in the world rankings in tenth place. All teams between 8th and 15th place are close to each other.

trainingsworld.com: What is the objective of the DEB selection in the World Cup and who will be world champion?

Pat Cortina: Our goal is to complete the World Cup knowing that we have played our best ice hockey. In the end, hopefully the team that deserves the most wins.

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