Training video Functional Fitness: Kettlebelltraining - Turkish Get Up

Kettlebellinstructor In this training video Till Sukopp explains the functional exercise "Turkish Get Up" with kettlebell - an effective exercise to strengthen the entire body.

The functional exercise "Turkish Get Up" effectively trains different areas of your fitness. It increases mobility, strength and stability throughout the body. However, the execution of this exercise is very complex and a lot of attention needs to be paid, so it is especially for advanced athletes who have kettlebell training and are used to paying attention to the exact movement guidance. Given this, it is an excellent exercise in the field of functional training, like the previous ones, which were also presented in training videos (eg training video Functional Fitness: Kettlebelltraining - Overhead Press)

Training video Functional Fitness: Kettlebelltraining - Turkish Get Up © Till Sukopp / trainingsworld

This video is also the last with kettlebell exercises. As of next week, there will be a series of videos on how to perform effective sandbag exercises. You should not miss that!

Dr. Till Sukopp

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