U23 European Championship with Storl and Christoph Harting

In 2009, the DLV had won four gold, silver and bronze medals at the last U23-DM in Kaunas / Lithuania.

Darmstadt - World-class shotgun David Storl (Chemnitz) and the pole vault Olympic team Raphael Holzdeppe (Zweibrücken) lead the German team for the U23 European Championships. In addition to them in the 72-member team of the German Athletics Association (DLV) for Ostrava (July 14 to 17) in decathlete Jan Felix Knobel (LG Frankfurt) and high jumper Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch (LAZ Kornwestheim-Ludwigsburg) two more European ranking first. Among the hopes in the discus throw is also Christoph Harting (SCC Berlin), who this year with 62, 12 m in the ranking standing younger brother of world champion Robert Harting.

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